Setup for downloaded version?

Is there a manual on how to setup and config the downloaded version of Jitsi?
I see a keypad tel dial. How do I get a tel number? Not after browser version.
I have downloaded v2.8.5426 windows 8

What do you mean ?

Meaning how can people call me if I don’t know what my tel number is. How do I get Jitsi tel number. Do you have the downloaded version? It’s got a tel dial on it. My problem has nothing to do with Jitsi Meet. I am talking about downloaded version of Jitsi. Where’s the documentation for it?

I think that you are talking about the desktop version of Jitsi, a discontinued software. It’s not supported anymore.

The desktop version used to be a SIP client too… You can use SIP dialing or get a DID at a commercial provider such as

It’s not clear if it’s discontinued or not, perhaps someone closer to development can calrify this.