SETUP Broken down after jitsi upgrade

I have upgraded the jitsi after so many weeks, say months not weeks, and on upgrade, the server got broke down because it installed nginx over apache2. The port 80 is now started listened by nginx and conf. has been changed that was setup by apache2 before. Now this time I killed the process listening to port 80 and activated the apache2. I last updated on date 24-03-2020, after which nginx is running, also apache2 by ‘systemctl’ is not reloading on Linux Restart and it has broken down the system.

The nginx has now removed simply by purge nginx command and apache2 is listening to the port 80 but whenever I start linux, it shows error ’ to report system problem ’ that means there’s something still conflicting after uninstalling nginx.

Why the nginx has been pulled by default on uprade the jitsi from Linux Updates? How to avoid installing nginx who already have apache2 running for it?