Setting up the FQDN while installing Jitsi in a local network

To serve Jitsi Meet in a local network, the server’s private IP adress will be used, then will this step during the installation process will be important

If yes, can I know why? Thanks in advance

Hello @Anna-1 !

The server’s domain name is used throughout the installation process.

For example, it’s used in the nginx config for setting the host name and is used to help stage your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (if you choose to do that). It’s also used to name your Prosody cfg file as well as some default settings for the Jitsi Video Bridge (JVB).

I’m sure there are other places as well. It’s pretty important setting/step.

A tip: Even if you are on LAN, and have no dns setup, you can use hosts file(in both windows and Linux), create your local dns, and install using that, instead of IP.

It would be better to install using DNS. Easier for others to help too, in case you run into issues…