Setting Up Room On Server Boot

I have made an Ubuntu server with admin control over room name and password.
Is there a way to set the server to automajically set a pre-configured room!?

I know this is not normal but I have set the server on my PC for occasional use with just a few friends just as an interesting project!
Peter H

I cannot see any replies/comments, was there any!?

This is an interesting request because a room doesn’t exist until the first person joins.

You may be able to accomplish what you want by configuring a meeting URL that has the preferences you desire. Check out: [How to] How to customize meeting options

@Peter_Hemmings, to be clear, what do you mean by “pre-configured room”? If you just want a room that you and your friends can use whenever you boot up the server, you can create a URL (does not need the room to actually exist) and re-use that URL whenever you meet with your friends. Then, you would just need to make sure you’re the first in the room to set whatever controls you want to set (password, enable lobby). So long as your server is running, that URL will create something like a pointer to a room that anyone with the URL can reference, which will then fully ‘exist’ when you as the authenticated moderator log into the room.

this has been asked quite often already. The goal is usually to create a room with a fixed password that anonymous users can join without needing a moderator to creating it. If it is your wish, I think (IIRC) that the accepted solution is to use a prosody module to create the rooms with their passwords at startup. Enter ‘persistent tooms’ in the forum search you will probably find the Lua code there.

pre-configured or pre-named room?
and if preconfigured what exactly do you want–mute/unmute, etc…

I want to create a room and password as the moderator so that when I booted the server I did not have to configure it and set password. The answer given by gpatel-fr seems to be what I want.

FYI the reason for wanting this setup is that I have convinced my small French language to use my server that is more secure. It is now likely that another small class will want to use it (or another room) and I did not want to do too much work to set it up every time. Ideally I want to just boot it for the periods its needed.


there I have stumbled in my (somewhat disorganized) notes on my ref on this problem:


Thanks for the information. I have scanned through the two threads and noticed the post by
fyl2xp1 regarding setting up a simple system with 2 persistent rooms/passwords for classes.
This is almost identical to my requirements!
Other posts refer to having tutorials listed in one place to help beginners like me find my way around configuring modules. I am completely exhausted at reading all the posts and even at a more advanced age (76) am willing to try and configure my jitsi secure server for persistent rooms and passwords if I could sort the “wheat from the chaff”!
Has the latest information been put anywhere easy to read, if so could you point me to it?
Reading the threads I am not sure if there is yet a workable solution, could someone confirm it is now basically usable!?
Sorry for the downbeat comments but the big thing that lets Jitsi down is the lack of documentation (as stated in the thread) leading to searches on long threads (which I accept is the way FOSS is developed).

Unfortunately I will have to manually create 2 rooms twice a week until I can find a reference HOWTO which is not what I wanted to do, but I can live with it!