Setting up Jitsi for low latency and high quality audio


I am trying to set up Jitsi for two-party P2P calls with high quality audio. P2P because we need as low latency as possible.

I am using Jitsi Meet API with the Jitsi Meet API library as described in the tutorial on GitHub. For now I am using server to test if Jitsi is appropriate for our use case. Eventually we plan to host our own instances.

I have searched the forums and glanced over the tutorials and codebase, but a couple of things are still not entirely clear to me.

  1. Can I somehow set the SDP parameters? In particular it appears that I will want to set maxaveragebitrate (in addition to disabling processing which the library can do for me).
  2. Is the stereo on P2P still not working? Is that some protocol limitation or likely just an error in the Jitsi lib/meet JS?