Setting up jitsi default install on Ubuntu 20.04 on a different port

I’m trying to install a new server on Ubuntu 20.04, but nothing seems to be working. I have set up the server exactly as shown in the manual here: The only difference is that I want the server to run on port 4444 instead of port 443, as this is used for another service. To do this I set these config values (they were suggested on another forum post) = 4444

After restarting the 3 services, I’m unable to access the service. Can anyone tell me what is the correct way to set up the jitsi service on another port? The port number is not important, but I’ve checked that all used ports are free and set up in the firewall.


These are the media port and jetty used for stats and healthchecking. You need to edit your webserver config to use different port and your jitsi-meet config.js to use the sane port for bosh.

ok thanks, think I worked it out. I didn’t realise that the installer would change the apache config itself, but it seems to have installed itself on there. Anyway, I managed to figure it out just by playing with the apache config.
thanks :slight_smile: