Setting up Authentication


I am setting up authentication, but hitting some errors. I don’t fully understand the issue at hand, but it is not functioning authentication :laughing:

I have tried multiple fresh installations and this is the best result I have achieved during the last 3 attempts.

  1. When starting a new video, the message resembling: “this meeting is not started yet… if you are the host log in” is displayed. If the correct usn/password is enter it is accepted, however the same message displays as previously. “this meeting has not started…”

  2. If i refresh the page after authenticating, the message goes away.

  3. when I try to join as a guest from another computer, while the authenticated user is logged in, I have the same experience as the original authenticated user. In both the case where the original account is sitting at the message without refreshing, and refreshing.

  4. After authenticating in one meeting, it seems i can join other meetings without authentication, however I cannot see the video display from the other user, or any indication of a connection.

Any idea what my issue is, or where I should look based on the problem. I have run up and down the instructions and the forums looking for a lead. Thanks in advance,


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Did you get any further on this? I have exactly the same issue.