Setting up a Jitsi environment

Hey folks,

We are looking for someone that is interested to help us setting up a scalable Jitsi environment and continuously improving it together with us.

We are a product and service-based IT company, Our one of the products is School Management Software, In this current COVID-19 situation, we want to implement virtual classroom/online classroom set up so, for that, we want to implement Jitsi. We’re looking for such a freelancer/company who has experience of Jitsi set up and integration with our ASP.NET web application, Android, and iOS native apps.

If you are interested please share your email id so, we can contact you.

Have a nice day!

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We provide commercial support and services for Jitsi. We can customize and scale jitsi according to your needs. For more information please send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Dear Parth,

Our company provides services for projects related to jitsi and RTC. Our team consists of experts who can help you out to customize and scale jitsi according to your requirements. Since we do have the expertise we can recommend you the best practices to get around jitsi to suit your requirement. We do have expertise on the mobile dev as well. For more information please contact us on and one of experts will get in touch with you soon.

Team Telzee