Setting the room password on creation using the jitsi-meet api

Hi, I’m looking for a way a to set the password for a room on creation using the meet api. I see there is a command api.executeCommand('password', 'The Password');, however when I tried this it didnt seem to work. Does this command only set the password if it has already been set?

It is used for both. If you join a room and execute password command, you will lock the room with that password if you are allowed to. If you are joining a room that requires a password there is an event passwordRequired and then you set the password using same command.

Oh okay I see. I was getting some error due to conference.lock being null when I tried using the command. Maybe it didnt work since I was possibly executing it before I joined the room.


I have the same problem, when I try this it seem not working. Is the api command work please ?

api.executeCommand(‘password’, ‘The Password’)

The others commands works fine, just this one is not interpreted or not working.