Setting language for transcription?

Hello fellow jitsers,

i try to get the transcription option working and have had some problems. but for now it’s generally working, when i first click CC and then invite “jitsi_meet_transcribe” via the plus button. I guess this is because i did not setup the muc_brewery thingy, but for testing purposes that’s no problem.

However, i was expecting that die Google Cloud Compute Engine would somehow “detect” which language is spoken, but it seems that it’s always plain english. So if i talk in english everything is fine, but talking in german leads to language-rubbish, since it still “thinks” it is in english and trys to detect english words.

I googled and checked the READMEs but i’m a little bit lost for now. Can you give me a hint?
It’s all Jitsi-Stable packages on a Debian Stable Server via the apt repo. Tell me please if you need something.

Thank you!


The cc button requires muc configuration.

I see, thanks. But for now and testing purposes it is ok this way. If i could figure out, why Google is just “hearing” english i would do the muc-thing as next task.

There was some work on adding languages support, but this is something that was not tested and I think does not have any UI …

Oh, that i was not aware of. I just looked into the and saw that list of possible languages and assumed that’s just the chosen UI-language of the User or let’s say the default language of the jitsi-instance is sent as a language tag to google…