Setting conference subject from mobile app or through server API call


I know that the conference subject can be set by the creator of a new conference room using the Javascript API with something like this:\

api.executeCommand(‘subject’, subject)

But if the conference is started on a mobile device the URL created redirects and invites the user to actually start the conference in the respective jitsi based mobile app, (in my case, my own slightly modified version of the mobile apps) which then does not allow for the above mentioned JS API call to be made and the subject then simply displays the room name on the mobile app interface and any other participants that join said newly created conference room.

Ideally I would like to be able to pass the subject as part of the URL to the mobile app, either within the JWT token, or as an extra get parameter perhaps. If that is not feasible, then is there any server side method that I could call that would change the subject for the given room?

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated, or if anyone thinks they can do this contact me directly to discuss as paid work.

I am using my own instance of the Jitsi server and my own versions of the mobile apps.



I think it is already available to pass it through jwt. Or you can write a prosody module that sets the room subject.

Is it still possible to set conference subject from JWT? If not, can you offer some pointers on how to set this from a prosody module?

My end goal is to manage conference subject (different from room name) from a different application that implements the reservation APIs as well as generates JWT token for users.

Open an empty room and execute APP.conference.saveLogs()
Examine the logs, there is a message coming from prosody about the subject of the room, if there is no subject an empty string is sent.

In prosody internals I believe you can use set_changesubject like:

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