setReceiverConstraints Parameter

In the Jitsi Meet handbook, the section on lib-jitsi-meet API, for setReceiverConstraints it shows the object that is expected. However if you follow the link where it says “More information about … can be found here”, that object also has the additional field:
“colibriClass”: “ReceiverVideoConstraints”

Is that colibriClass property needed?

For reference, the 2 docs are:
lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) | Jitsi Meet (see 35. setReceiverConstraints)

We’re having issues with screen share quality & I’m trying to rule out any potential mistakes so I thought I’d ask about this

Ping @jallamsetty

Yes, the colibriClass property is needed for all bridge messages. The doc describes the payload object that needs to be sent for a given colibriClass message.