setParticipantVolume on iframe api not working

I first call an api.getParticipantsInfo()
Then I use the first index 0[‘participantId’] and setParticpantVolume(pid,0);
I"ve tried using 0, 1, and all decimals in between. 0.22, 0.5

I am the last index on getParicipantsInfo() and everyone else is 0— whatever index. I have checked this

nothing happens, volume bar doesn’t move. I’ve tried decimals to whole number 0 to 1, is there something i should look for in the log? no errors

It might be a bug. Please open an issue on GH.

I forgot my github password, but thanks. Could you point to me to where in the source these apis are implemented anyways? Also, if api.js fails to load its not related right? That’s a different api?