Set Userinfo with Authentication cyrus


is there any possibility to set the displayname and email address while authenticating via cyrus?

So the user has successfully authenticated query the LDAP for his name and email address to prefill the userinfo.

I’ve found some information about JWT token etc. but I think that is not matching my usecase.


Not at the moment.

You can do it, but you need to add a wrapper around jitsi-meet, where people login and you create on a micro service server-side the jwt with information and pass it to your jitsi-meet deployment through iframe that is configured to use just jwt.
This way you can keep your deployment without any LDAP configuration and stuff …

OK, thanks for your quick answer.

I think the wrapper is to much work, can the userinfo be set by prosody?

Because I know that I can read those fields with prosody, i write is also possible I can just create an module.


There is no mechanism at the moment for pushing that data from prosody to the client, the other way around that is pushed through jwt by opening the client with jwt.

OK, Thanks for your time