Set up Meet, problems with Jibri "Error: No data storage active"

Hi all,

new guy here. I couldn’t find anything in the forum or the internet, or maybe I am just blind.
I am trying to setup a zo*m alternative for our company that should host a children’s reading competition all over Germany. Due to Corona the local reading competitions are not possible, so this might be a possibilities for us to continue educating and helping kids.

Anyway, I successfully installed a Jitsi Meet server (Debian 10.3) following this guide. The server is behind a firewall in our DMZ, 80 443 and 4443 TCP and 10000 UDP are forwarded and properly NATed. It works from the inside and the outside of our network and we have made a few test runs with several people.

Now, for our children’s reading competition we would need to possibility to record the meetings, which is where Jibri comes into play. I started with this guide here.

As the guide expressible mentions Ubuntu 16.04, this is what I went with. Down at the Prosody part is where I am stuck. I get this error:

xyz@meet:~$ sudo prosodyctl register recorder recorder.mydomain jibrirecorderpass

xyz@meet:~$ sudo prosodyctl register jibri internal.auth.mydomain jibriauthpass
Error: No data storage active

Now, mydomain is obviosly a placeholder. The first command is accepted, the second yields an error as above.
I have no DNS setup yet for recorder.mydomain nor internal.auth.mydomain, as this wasn’t mentioned (but probably is needed at some point). Where would i point them to? To the meet server?

I kindly ask for any help anybody could spare as I am rather lost. I am relatively new to XMPP and this is the first meet server I ever setup.

Kindest from germany

So, I kind of figured it out, still very (!) new to jitsi meet and jibri.
The setup guide states in the Prosody section that

storage = "null"

If I change that to internal I can add the auth user and continue with setting everything up.

BUt I do have a further question now:
Where do I point the DNS entries for auth.mydomain, recorder.mydomain and internal.auth.mydomain?

Should they all point to the jitsi meet server?

All the best from Germany