Set up jitsi-meet using ansible


I am currently trying to set up jitsi meet docker containers using ansible. I’ve set up a web container, a prosody container, a jap container, a videobrige (jvb) container and a jicofo container. I think, I am close to the end but there are still a few errors appearing in the docker logs, where I just don’t know how what to do or what they actually mean. I was hoping, you could help me out.

Here are pastebin links for Prosody’s, Jicofo’s, and Jvb’s logs. If you need more information, just comment ^^’

jicofo: hqtps://

(needed to replace the first “t” of “https” in the last link with a “q” because as a new user, I am not allowed to put more than two links in a post)

EDIT: I managed to fix the error logs in Jicofo. Jicofo is now able to “create” and “join” the “room” - whatever this means - and the following

  1. SEVERE: [24] org.jitsi.jicofo.xmpp.BaseBrewery.start().196 Failed to create room:

  2. Failed to join the room

shown in the logs, dissapeared. But I still don’t even get what jvb is trying to tell me by “Cannot find a socket to remove”…