Set Room Name by URL

I’m using random room names as a security measure. For Example:

However, I would like for the end user to see something meaningful besides:

Q 9GF J7O BL1 D RL 216

at the top of the page.

Can this be set from the URL? Like:“Test Meeting”


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Yes. The param is config.subject


Thanks - works great!

hi damencho
this parameter path where its?

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Hi @damencho,

Can you be more specific?
Jitsi has dozens of configuration files located in a half dozen directories.

  • Which configuration file?
  • Where in the configuration file? (if there is a particular section/clause that needs this parameter)
  • What value does it receive? (Is it boolean, a string, what string?)
  • Can you provide an example?

This is a URL parameter that sets the title of the Jitsi session when opened - in my case:“Test Meeting”