Set role for meeting participants with API

Hi everyone,
is it possible to manage the roles of meeting participants using the API?
I need to decide who the moderator is and who a regular user.
Thanks to those who will be able to help me. :ok_hand:

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Nope, there is no such feature.
We are working on an option where you will have a single moderator in a meeting which can grants moderator permissions through the UI.


With that feature enabled, we can have single moderator with secure domain?

That feature is based on jwt tokens.

That is a good news, I think, because we configured secure domain with JWT tokens.
One problem is that we use Jitsi from Rocket Chat and there will be need of some changes to source code.

There are news regarding the possibility of having a moderator also using jitsi meet API. Thanks.

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Hello, Damian!
Any news about that feature?

If you are using your own sever you can.

No news, priority changed. You can control moderators when using Jaas

Please explain that in more detail, docs is appreciated.

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Hello, @damencho
With new Jitsi Meet 2.0.5765 our goal is accomplished!
We have Secure Domain with JWT tokens.
We use Jitsi as media system for Rocket Chat and can’t use jitsi-token-moderation-plugin because of that.
But now only first call participant (call creator) get moderator role! And all other users (even authenticated same way with JWT token gets user role and can only send messages).

I just want to clarify that I’m right and that feature is implemented in new stable 2.0.5765.
Can you help me with that. Damian?

What exactly is your question?

There is an option in jicofo auto_owner which by default assigned the first one to join moderator rights, if that participant leaves it randomly assign those rights to someone else.

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First my question

There is no way to have only one (first) moderator with secure domain?

was answered here with answer No and with link to that thread.

Then I asked about that here. And answer was that I can do what I want with custom jitsi-token-moderation-plugin which now available for me as Rocket Chat user.

Then we made 2 changes:

  1. Made some changes in jicofo.conf file to solve other problem. Among other changes we did enable-auto-owner = true in conference section of config.
  2. Update Jitsi Meet version to 2.0.5765

And now we get exactly what we want - we have only first participant as moderator in secure domain configured Jitsi deployment.

And to clarify all my questions I want to know:

  1. It is just a new 2.0.5765 version behavior with first moderator in secure domain?
  2. We get only first participant as moderator with enable-auto-owner = true and it could be done on any previous version?

If 2 true, then this answer is kind a wrong.

2 is true. What is mentioned with that answer is something we are working on, but it is specific to and the code is already in.
You can define a tenant/subdomain in which all participants will be guest by default and only those having a valid jwt will be moderators. This is for deployments using all_owners module like


I have Jitsi integrated directly on the website using the API, and not a self-hosted server.
Will I be able in the future to set a user as a moderator and the rest as non-moderators?
And if so when do you think this will be possible?
Thank you!

Not on You have a better control if you are using jaas.
For you can use

Hi @Anton_Karlan you can take a look how we accomplished this by using jwt auth and basically having secure domain configured.

Srdjan I>