Set password by url

Hi there,

is there anyway to set a password at the very beggining?

like this:"Dr Peralta%22&config.startWithVideoMuted=true&config.startWithAudioMuted=true

config.Setpassword ? or whatever

i will like to open the room with an specific password. waiting for someone that will connect later.

no api’s just with the url…

There is no such option at the moment.

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can i disable create room, if user typing in the url from browser?

No, but you can force every user that wants to make a room to be registered in prosody with “Jitsi Secure Website” configuration… doing this only moderators with a username and password could open a new room and others could only wait the moderators in the room

Hi! Such option would be very helpful, do you plan to add it? And if yes then when this possible? Thanks!

This is very necessary, do you plan to implement it soon?

Till Jitsi doesn’t come up with some post or get based authentication.
You may want to look at “xmpp_username_override” , “xmpp_password_override”
local Storage key value pair for authentication.
You may just create a page where you take username and password and set it to window.localStorage

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