Set maximum resolution for screen sharing

I use jitsi meet on an Ubnuntu 20.04 8GB RAM 4vCore CPU server.
sometimes the presenter’s screen resolution is so high, and when streaming, it just overwhelms everybody’s connection and ruins the quality, besides of high traffic usage.
e.g a presenter’s resolution is 2780x1640 (I don’t remember the exact values, but it was more or less this) which is too high for my purpose.
Can I have a max resolution and prevent resolution from being more then e.g 1280x1024?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, i have the same problem, too.
Any solution? @saghul @damencho

Have you tried setting the video constraints in config.js?

Yes, no luck

aren’t those for webcam video?

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You’re right. My bad. Was having a brain fart moment :bowing_man:t4:

For screenshare, there seem to be a config for constraining frame rate (desktopSharingFrameRate) but not resolution.

There is also videoQuality.resizeDesktopForPresenter for capping desktop track resolution to 720 when picture-in-picture mode is enabled, but this is unlikely what you want. But it does imply that it is technically possible to impose a resolution cap on screenshare with a small tweak to the code if not in the config?

I’m afraid I’ve never tried, so take my comments with a pinch of salt.

Looks indeed hardcoded :slight_smile:

Did you ever get a solution to your problem?

Here are two solutions that I tried, which does not require changes to Jitsi (or any other video conferencing product you might use).

  1. This might sound way too simple, but when I was having this issue myself (i.e. my screen resolution was too high, even at 1080p, for people to see detail, I simply set my monitor’s resolution in my Windows computer to 1366x768 for the screen I was sharing, and then everyone could see the detail from my shared screen. What helped is that I had two screens, so I could share one screen, set to the lower resolution, while doing any work I needed to do as a result of the conversation, on the other screen where the monitor was still set to a higher resolution.

  2. Another way I solved the issue was to just share an application, not the entire screen. Have the application’s window sized to approximately 1366x768, and then just share the application’s window. (Chromium, Edge, Chrome should support this, but I believe Firefox does not). I have just tested this solution, and it works great for me.

Please let me know if either of the two solutions work for you.

I think the second method is the easiest to teach to non-technical presenters.

I tried changing that, nothing…

I used lib-jitsi-meet and implemented my own frontend at last

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Did it fix the screen share quality after that?