Set log level in JitsiMeetExternalAPI

This Question has been asked a few times, yet it was not answered.

Using the Jitsi meet api, the web browser logging output is extremely verbose and I am looking for a way to change it.
Using lib-jitsi-meet I was able to use JitsiMeetJS.setLogLevel(JitsiMeetJS.logLevels.ERROR); to silence the logging output the the amount that I am interested in. Yet it seems that there was no such option in JitsiMeetExternalAPI.

The comments in the file: jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/logging_config.js
Are not really helpful, since I am not trying to modify the Jitsi-meet client in any sort. An actual example on how to get rid of the debug output in Jitsi would be nice.

In the best scenario, the debug level could be easily configures using “configOverwrite”, which is currently not the case.