Set Jibri to record exact view on Moderator screen by default

It would be nice to have Jibri set by default to record whatever view is displayed on the Moderator’s screen (speaker or tile). Right now, you have to remember to check “Everyone follows me” in settings, otherwise, JIbri just records in speaker view (while you may actually be conferencing in tile view).

How can we change this behavior?

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Requested this a year ago. Still requesting… pretty please? :blush:

Which moderator it should follow when there are multiple moderators in the room?
And that should not be automatic … for example on The Call I start the recording/streaming moat of the time and I don’t want my screen to be reflected on the recording …

Maybe a good option is just to add a check box on the recording and streaming dialogs to enable follow me if desired and to be unchecked by default.

Ah, I see what you mean. Is it possible to flag the moderator that starts the recording and enable it for them automatically?

Ultimately, in my environment, I always want Jibri to record tile view (I know we had it this way and some people didn’t want it). I can do this through the API, but it’s really a hack. Can you tell me what files to modify to go back to the default tile view recording behavior of v5142?

This could be an option too especially if the setting persists in the cache.

No this is dangerous to be persisted … As it can be activated on multiple participants and that is not desired …

By browsing the code from my phone I would guess that if you enable it here when there is config.iAmRecorder will do that.

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Thanks. I’ll check that out.

@emrah Yeah, I wrote an API call that can do it, similar to what your code is doing, but that’s really a hack. I’m looking to bake it into code instead. Thanks though.

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Tried setting this to true; unfortunately, didn’t work for me. Even tried adding a PersistentRegistry for tileViewenabled, no luck. :confused: