Set first 3 users to moderator

Good morning from Hamburg,

I have a question to the server config.
In one word it is: “Am I able to set, that the first three logged in users receive moderator rights?”

Background information
We are offering Jisti to companies that are offering workshops to employees. Our software reminds the participants 15 minutes before any session starts and provides them with final Jisti URL. The moderator and users then join until they are all together and the session starts.

Our setup
At this moment we are setup in that way, that the first user receives moderator rights. All others are guests. Our system does not request any logins.

Our issue
It often happens that participants join the meeting first, before the real moderator does. Of course we can tell our clients, that the moderator should be signed in first … but reality proofs that this is not always possible.
So in fact one of the participant has moderator rights. In most cases this person does not have any clue at all and fails to hand over moderator rights.
In some cases we even had connection breakups and then moderator rights were granted to those “ghosts”. Latest then the room is shreddered and they must setup new rooms.

The result
The frustration level in these above circumstances is high.
This leads to those typical 5 minutes of sorting out, before any useful videoconference could ever start. In some cases with ghosts or untalented users moderator rights are stuck and the room is hardly controlable.

My idea
I would love to provide the first three users with moderator rights.
Of course there would be the chance to set all users to moderators, but that is not not always useable - as many of you know.
Providing the first three with admin rights increases the chances drastically that there is a talented/educated/incorporated person below those first three, that could then take over moderation.

Does anyone of you know if this is possible?

Side-Request 01
Do you have an idea, if it is possible to remove moderator rights from an active moderator?
That would give the real moderator (the one under three) the chance to fully take over the control of the room.
I think if all users were admins, this would end up in anarchy … you know how uncontrolable crowds of people are :wink:

I am very much looking forward to receive your answers and send
My very best regards

Welcome to the forum!

If this is your own Jitsi installation (and it sounds like it is), you can implement Secure domain, which gives moderator privileges to only those you specify (you would create accounts for them). Anyone who is not a moderator will not be able to get into a meeting/room until the moderator gets there and authenticates. Check it out - Secure Domain setup · Jitsi Meet Handbook

Hi Freddie

thank you many times.

Your suggested setting is unfortunately not possible. We are not working with logins at all.
Therefore we are looking for this above mentioned workaround.

Kindly looking forward to your suggestions.

I am curious why having a Moderator account as Freddie suggested, would not work for you?

I am using the secure domain and find it works great.

  1. Only the moderators are provided with the account, this means the first moderator who logs in become the meeting’s moderator,
  2. after the first moderator has logged in other participants do not require a password to join the meeting.
  3. Participants who attempted to join the meeting before a moderator has logged in are set to waiting and automatically join after the moderator has logged in. (this is such a useful feature)
  4. The logged in moderator can then “grant” moderator rights to any of the other participants, for example those the moderator knows need to also be meeting moderators, that is the other two people you want to be moderators. (this part is not automatic, it does require manual action by the moderator).
  5. At the end of the meeting, before logging out, the last remaining moderator should “kick out” any participants who have not bothered to log off so that they do not remain in the meeting (the meeting session continues to exist until all participants have logged out).

If needed, I expect that you can create scripts to automatically add/delete moderators accounts as required, and email them to the moderator/s? (that is, if circumstances inhibit you from manually creating the accounts and let the moderators know the account details).

Links that I found to be useful:

Adding prosody usersJitsi normally does not require registration of users; however, in certain circumstances this may be necessary. For example, if running a public server, it may be wise to limit room creation to specified users. Users are added to FQDN, notto auth.FQDN. This is done by issuing a command such as:
prosodyctl register user FQDN password
Note that the register command is not mentioned in the help text. It is a legacy version of the adduser command, with different syntax, that doesn’t prompt for the password (twice).
One could equally well use:
prosodyctl adduser user@FQDN and then answer the password prompts with the chosen password. This does not provide any mechanism for users to change their own passwords; if this is required, see below.
To delete users, use one of:
prosodyctl unregister userFQDNor
prosodyctl deluser user@FQDN
Listing prosody users
One of the shortcomings of prosodyctlis that, although it provides facilities for adding and deleting users (register/adduser, unregister/deluser), it does not provide a way of listing the registered users.This functionality can be added by using a plugin.
(I read this tip: “all users are stored in /var/lib/prosody”)