Set empty call timeout


I set up a jibri instance which should wait for a complete hour before ending the recording if no-one is in the call.

I installed the new jibri version and edited the /etc/jitsi/jibri/jibri.conf like so:

jibri {
call-status-checks {
     // If all clients have their audio and video muted and if Jibri does not
     // detect any data stream (audio or video) comming in, it will stop
     // recording after NO_MEDIA_TIMEOUT expires.
     no-media-timeout = 30000 seconds

     // If all clients have their audio and video muted, Jibri consideres this
     // as an empty call and stops the recording after ALL_MUTED_TIMEOUT expires.
     all-muted-timeout = 60 minutes

     // When detecting if a call is empty, Jibri takes into consideration for how
     // long the call has been empty already. If it has been empty for more than
     // DEFAULT_CALL_EMPTY_TIMEOUT, it will consider it empty and stop the recording.
     default-call-empty-timeout = 30000 seconds


But still it ends the recording after 30sec. Anyone can help me to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance and Greetings,