Set Display Name of participant that enters via SIP(Jigasi)

Hi @damencho ,

We are trying to implement functionality to change display name of participant that is invited in the room via SIP call (inbound , outbound).
We are aware that display name is read from FROM header but unfortunately Twillio has Manulipation of From header still in Beta version and only for SIP Trunking.
We are getting following

SIP: Header name is not allowed: Specifying this header is not allowed: From
#### Possible Solutions

* If your application can use a different header name, use an X- prefixed header name, e.g. if you want to use the name `Customer-Info` , see if your application can be configured to use `X-Customer-Info` instead.

Is there any way to implement custom header that could be sent via sip , like X-DisplayName ? What changes should be required in Jigasi so Jitsi pickup that header as display name for an user ?
Or maybe are we able to pass all user details via JWT token passed through SIP incoming call ?

Our JWT format:

  "sub": "$DOMAIN",
  "aud": "jitsi",
  "roles": "interviewer",
  "context": {
    "user": {
      "name": "$USER_NAME",
      "id": "interviewer4"
    "group": "users"
  "iss": "$SUBDOMAIN",
  "room": "$ROOM_NAME"

Most important for us is DisplayName so we could track statistics.

Srdjan I.

Are you sure the don’t provide that basic thing … changing the caller id of an outgoing sip call? That is strange …

Well you can pass it as X-Displayname …

It is set here:

And here you can get from data all custom headers

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We tried with adding Headers like below but we are not getting this as displayname, we are still seeing just the number connected and even messed characters

Have you done the code change to process that custom header to display name?
Maybe show the code you changed to see why it is not working …

HI @damencho ,

We managed to accomplish this by setting CallerID in our incoming SIP call. Although its not direct manipulation with FROM header it works!
Just for reference if anyone uses Twillio:

Thank you for your support.

Srdjan I.


As we are now able to control display name via incoming call, can you just give us hint what we could manipulate with in order to control display name of the callee with outbound call as the flow is now different.

For example if we call +1239489238493 from conference we want to change that display name to be some string in our jitsi conference only?

Srdjan I.

There is no such feature at the moment. When creating outgoing call we set the displayname to the number dialed.

Okey thank you.
Is there a way to change the displayName of participant on the fly , after the participant has connected to conference ?
I am thinking about to send the new display name from Twillio(chek done on that side) to Jitsi right after that outbound call is initiated, but not sure if there is any API implemented on Jitsi side ?
As last option maybe we could implement some JS code to change the display name on the front if there is such option in JS ?

By looking at the lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) · Jitsi Meet Handbook it looks like that name can be changed by the participant itself only ?



[quote=“damencho, post:2, topic:105408, full:true”]
Are you sure the don’t provide that basic thing … changing the caller id of an outgoing sip call? That is strange …

Well you can pass it as X-Displayname …

It is set here: jigasi/ at 22769d5ac16f9db98265adeefb373053c6db15e1 · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub


Thanks for update and quick reply, its work for me, Really appreciate for help.

Okey, we will than think about how to write custom prosody plugin for that purpose.
Thank you.