Set a better audio quality - Opus at 48000, 2 channels, bitrate of 256 kbit/s

Is it possible to set a better audio quality. We do use high quality Headsets with a Bandwith from 50Hz to 18kHz and sometimes we want to broadcast the videoconference in a large hall with several hundred people with a professional sound system.

In Google Chrome Developer Tools I found this code:
m=audio 54266 RTP/SAVPF 111 103 104 126
a=rtpmap:111 opus/48000/2
a=rtpmap:103 ISAC/16000
a=rtpmap:104 ISAC/32000
a=rtpmap:126 telephone-event/8000

It seems that opus at 48000 and stereo should be possible but it sounds like it uses only a bitrate of 16 kbit/s or it uses ISAC/16000 with only 16 or 32 kbit/s.

Is it possible to add a config-entry in config.js to set the default or preferred codec/bitrate/channels/sampling-rate?

Best regards, Johann

Did you have any luck here?

Hi huntson, unfortunately I have not yet received an answer. Best regards, Johann