Session-terminate and support-session-restart clarifications

i developed a custom webrtc client that communicate with Jitsi ecosystem. I can read and write the jitsi jingle, presence and others message and i can establish a working communication with peers.
But in random way i receive a jingle and a presence message like these:

<iq type='set' from='' xmlns='jabber:client' id='ZTM1NjRkYmEtNTBiOC00NGY3LWJhYTEtMzU3ODZmM2JjYWUyQG1lZXQuaml0c2kvUThNVG91NGQANGRxUVItMzU0ODg5AH0woAvbu4tWGr+r3rCiV8U=' to='e3564dba-50b8-44f7-baa1-35786f3bcae2@meet.jitsi/Q8MTou4d'>
    <jingle action='session-terminate' sid='d0b11afm6g3gk' xmlns='urn:xmpp:jingle:1'>
            <expired />
            <text>Idle session timeout</text>
<presence xmlns='jabber:client' from='' id='4dqQR-354891' to='e3564dba-50b8-44f7-baa1-35786f3bcae2@meet.jitsi/Q8MTou4d'>
    <etherpad xmlns=''>654</etherpad>
    <versions xmlns=''>
        <component name='focus'>1.0.784</component>
    <conference-properties xmlns=''>
        <property value='true' key='support-terminate-restart' />
        <property value='0' key='bridge-count' />
    <c hash='sha-1' ver='Lg0vhCNhxjoeKJi2/hukdsizNWA=' node='' xmlns='' />
    <x xmlns=''>
        <item affiliation='owner' role='moderator' jid='' />

And about 5-7 seconds later, jitsi close the websocket with the peer.

What exactly is meant by the “Idle session timeout” message and what should I do to avoid closing the websocket?

This is when you have a single participant in the room for more than 20 seconds, jicofo terminates the jingle session to stop the client from sending media to the conference as there is no point in doing that.

O, thanks for your reply.
I will find a solution with your information. :wink: