Session Scheduling

I am new to implementing Jitsi, and at the moment it is a super important tool with very interesting features.
One of the details that is missing is being able to schedule the sessions on a recurring basis, since at this time only one Session per Day should be created.
It would be interesting to be able to develop the tool with these possibilities.

There is no scheduling notion inside the jitsi components. A room/conference is created when the first participant joins and it is destroyed the moment the last participant leaves.

Scheduling is external. The most common way for people to manage that is through the calendar. You create an event, invite guests and add the meeting information there. There is a Google Calendar Addon that you can install and manage the meetings for Or you can have your own addon added there. There are also extensions you can use with office 365 …

Or you can enter a meeting open the invite option and copy its details that you will share with the participants you invite through calendar, mail or some other tool.