Session is only created for one user

Jitsi meet works only on the same local network but outside the network other users cannot concentrate.
The logged in only my name appears and the camera and audio are disabled.
My question is, there’s some configuration on the server that I’ve forgotten
I have a jitsi without domain but enter in the frixbox my ip of my server and that is why I can see it from anywhere that has internet.

Jitsi meet I installed it on ubuntu 20.4 and debian 10. And for both of you, I can’t from outside the network hold conferences.
I hope someone can help me.
Thank you and good day

This is a network issue, firewall, missing port forwarding or jvb not announcing its public address. Checkout the advanced section for

Thanks for the answer but try adding the public and local ips but it still doesn’t work.

What exactly does jvo do?

This is the media router, all participants send media there and receive it from it