Serving jitsi through an NGINX proxy

@damencho - in the interest of hosting under port 44443, and going through an nginx load balancer, What ports do I need to set in the server block of /etc/nginx/conf.d/media-server.conf on the load balancer?

So far, I have
listen 443 ssl; listen 4443 ssl; listen 10000;

but I get bad gateway 502

Please let me know of any additional info I can provide.

Thank you!

If you want to host it using port 44443, why do you open 443, 4443? Why would nginx listen on port 10000?

I have no idea what is that, what it is?


so I do not need to listen on those ports? check!

that is the configuration file on the proxy server (load balancer with only one host)

So if you want to serve jitsi-meet on port 44443, just change it here where you define where nginx listens for it. And also here for the bosh.

Port 10000 is where jvb receives its udp traffic.

@damencho - thank you - so far, so good. I will report back tomorrow, after I have a chance to test with multiple people.

I restarted jitsi-videobridge2 and I get a constant message of restarting
you have been disconnected
I even rebooted the jitsi sever and still get the message that I have been disconnected over and over

What should I do from there?

Actually, I just realized that I don’t need to go through the proxy - it works just fine at port 44443 without it.

The test with 4 people was successful. Thanks for your instruction @damencho