Service unavailable for jitsi-videobridge2

I have two video bridge installed in my system. One bridge (jvb-bd1) in the same server as the jicofo and prosody, but other (jvb-us1) one is installed in a different server. i have followed the steps of how to add multiple video bridge and how to enable octo to. few days back it was all working fine, but now jicofo is getting only one video bridge (jvb-bd1) but for second video bridge it is failed in health check with following error in jicofo log

WARNING: [197] org.jitsi.jicofo.bridge.JvbDoctor.log() Health check failed on: error:
INFO: [67] Performed a successful health check in PT0.009S. Sticky failure: false

my prosody configuration.

my jicofo configuration.

my jvb1 configuration.

my jvb2 configuration

@damencho can you please help me here ?

What about the logs of the jvb that had failed healthchecks, do they have an error there?

I think there is some error in log.


this is the jvb log

All health checks are successful in this log. You need to find the one which reported to jicofo unhealthy.

this is jicofo log.
I don’t see any particular healthcheck going unhealthy.

I don’t know, you were showing this error ^ from jicofo logs and I said you need to check why this happening by looking at the jvb logs and see why is that.

Oh i am sorry. Forgot to mention that right now there is no videobridge connected to the system using nickname jvbUS1. But i have renamed it with jvbUS11. But still jicofo not getting any videobridge with name jvbUS11 instead jicofo is trying to healthcheck videobridge with jvbUS1. I don’t know why this is happenning.

my jvb2 configuration

jvb2 log

these are the full information of the problematic videobridge that you are asking me to check.