Service availability: not functioning properly when not in p2p mode

Several times I have witnessed a situation when all participants of a conversation in a room are seeing black screens and no sound, while chat works. This across different browsers and operating systems.

Is this due to the high server load? Is there something I can do to troubleshoot?

EDIT: this post, seems to report the same problem.

More people are reporting the same problem: Six persons, room unable to see one another (although that one seems to be with 2 people).

What is the browser that was used?

I observed this behavior on latest ubuntu+chrome, but other participants in the call had other browsers. Later we also tried again with 3 participants, and the problem did not occur.


Other users in the same session:

  • mac os + firefox & mac os + safari
  • Debian + Chrome
  • Ubuntu + chrome
  • Windows + Chrome

While I understand that jitsi might not support all browsers, it would seem inconsistent if a user with an unsupported browser would disable communication of every single session participant.