Server versions on and


What versions of the servers are on actually?

What on ?

Thank you


You can always quickly check that, by opening two tabs and on one of the tabs open the js console and filter using version, you will see prosody, jicofo and jvb versions.
Normally on beta you will see all the latest versions from unstable (the master branch of the components).


Thank you. Using the method that you suggested ,filtering with “version”, i cannot find version of JVB, Jigasi and Jitsi-meet. I can read only Jicofo and prosody versions.
Could you help me?


But did you try opening two tabs?


yes i tried with two tabs, but i have the same results.


Hum, you are right, I don’t see jvb version in there, I will note that and will look for fixing it these days.
Jitsi-meet version you can see by opening the source of the page and checking the “v=” part of app.bundle script source url, this is the jitsi-meet-web version. There is no way to check jigasi version at the moment.