Server specs for 50/100 users

What are the server specs for a Jitsi instance capable driving up to 50 or better 100 users with audio and video simultaneously?

Processor type
Internet Connection

this article can help you estimate

This is a real old article, this is the time when jvb was not even doing simulcast, many things changes since then including the new jvb and many other optimizations.

In general, this question is very hard to be answered as there are many moving points in this question, but there are several discussions in the forum on this topic. The most important is the bandwidth for 100 simultaneous HD videos you will need very, but very roughly, 300 Mbit/s down and up link on the server, and any 8 core machine with at least 8 GB of RAM will work for that if the bandwidth is enough.

You can have 100 participants in one meeting which is the most intensive scenario for the CPU and network and you can have 50 1:1 calls, which video may not even reach jvb and most of the conferences are direct and 20% of those to be using the turnserver … there are many scenarios and distributions of participants to be able to evaluate this.

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I think that by that it is meant ‘8 true cores’, and NOT 8 vCpu.