Server setup required to accommodate 20K users with 35 participants per call

Hi Team,

I have a requirement to assist an NGO to set up a VC solution to train kids in school. I have some credits in my AWS and want to utilize it. However, to estimate the instance requirements, I need some help as I do not have an idea on how to estimate the users/call to the instance count required to scale the load to 20K users.

The scenario is as follows:
Total call duration/day - 8 Hours
Total users/call - 35-40 Users
Total users of the application - 20,000 students
Approximate calls/day - 400-500 calls

I need to know the instance type and instance count that I got to have in place in my account to cater to the above needs.

Vignesh Sankaran

There are many posts in the forum on sizing. Please check.

Your infrastructure cost for the needs above is going to be quite high for 20k concurrent users for 8 hours a day.

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