Server requirements

Hello friends,

We are configuring a private server to host jitsi meet for a school.

They have 150 different classes with about 20 students per class.

What are the server requirements to host jitsi in that case?

Thank you very much

this post and the follow-up a few posts later is still the most precise ref on real life similar workload I have seen.

Thanks for pointing my experience @gpatel-fr :slight_smile:
From the experience we have with similar use case, I would say get a good, beefy main server to manage your main instance (Jitsi-web, Jicofo, Prosody, jigasi, nginx) and let it run a video bridge too (JVB).

Then, fire-up some extra instances with only videobridges to manage the extra load.

Enabling last-n could make the main server sufficient alone, but will ruin the human contact that we all need in these weird times. We did not want to go that route and are encouraging every participant to share his face with the others to be as genuine as can be!

Could you please tell me how you figure this out as I need the same specs,
Thanks in advance

Welcome here Scholars365,

What company do you use for the hosting, and what is your location?

Thanks for your resonse. I will be using AWS.