Server Requirements for Jitsi Meet Server

Hello! I wanted to ask you, i’m doing my diploma with jitsi meet private server and i wanted to ask, can you please tell me, where i can found the server requirements for jitsi meet server? or maybe if it’s not hard maybe you can send the link to it? Waiting for you reply! @damencho

Installation - Jitsi self hosting

See Server requirements section


and as GeorgeJitsi said the installation guide.

In fact the sizing depends on the number of concurrent connections, the first limit would propably be the bandwidth.


@_Gamer you need to stop tagging people in your posts requesting help unless they’re already helping you with the specific issue at hand (see #10 - [TIP] Fastest Way To Get Support In The Forum. And if you read through that entire post, you’ll see that you could have found the answer to your question without needing a post.