Server requirements for about 600 users

Hey there

We want to configure a private server for a school to run jitsi meet for the classes.
Threr are 5-20 classes(sessions) simultaneously, each session having 30-120 users in it(600 users at all).

Only one host in each session shares video/screen(or both of them), and the others mostly don’t use microphone/video(only every once in a while someone turns on mic to ask a question).

What are the recommended system requirements for best experience(we want the minimum possible lags/troubles)?

Thanks in advance.

For conferences having more than 100 participants you will need to enable octo and having several bridges serving that conference.
So one signaling node like aws c5.xlarge and similar nodes for jvb maybe 3 or 4 nodes for jvb, wild guessing here, but as soon you have those in autoscaling group you can always adjust while monitoring the jvb cpu usage.

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only one question, can it all be served in just one good server, like aws c5.4xlagre?
or if it is needed to seperate nodes, what is the requirements for jvb nodes?

and also, can i Install jitsi and others on a vps or does it have to be a baremetal server?

Can use my testing to have a estimation about cpu here

So 2 cpu (dedicated 2.6ghz) can do about 30 users with camera. 4 cpu will do 70 I think.
Better to split to multi jvb using OCTO.