Server requirements for 500 to 1000?

Hello everyone, what requirements would the server have to host 500 to 1000 users connected simultaneously?

Is it also possible to create a webinar room with a maximum of 750 users? just an active camera?

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Camilo A. Pimentel G.

Jitsi Meet can not do large numbers. 8x8 , are some of them which has been designed for large meeting .

Hello @videomeet , that means that in private servers if possible.

There are many things combined. Infrastructure, load management, configuration for number for videos and audio, quality of video stream, internet available at end point, end point resources. Private people because of commercial reasons has achieved those things. You can try out and see the difference.

@videomeet Yes, there are several factors that are involved in the development of the webinar, especially the load capacity and its scalability. My specific question was the capacity of the server, do not ask if there are providers of this service.

Jitsi by default do not recommend more than 75 . It does not work well after 35. 8x8 works better for large meetings. It does not have webinar option. Hope it answers.

YOu can do up to 1K users if your CPU power (I reccomend a base clock of 4GHz) then 16-32 gigs of ram for all the video feed. if you plan to record the sessions, please use another machine to do such because the server hosting it would already be Working very hard

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Hello @Derek_Owumi, I understand, for the video theme that in this case it will not be enabled, but I can achieve it by scaling it vertically.

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see this post for an example for setting up a system in this range.

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