Server requirements for 20 users with video

Should anyone find this interesting…

For my own hosting from home, I use a Linux KVM hypervisor running on a Ryzen 9 3900X 64GB RAM PC. ( I call it my home hypervisor server).

I use this hypervisor to run my web server, email server, and a number of Minecraft/MineTest/Ark Survival Evolved, and other gaming servers for my family.

A local PC Users group had been speaking about Jitsi, so I wanted to give a Jitsi server installation a try.

It took a while for me to do the pre-work of setting a subdomain, opening firewall ports, etc, but after that creating a Debian VM and installing jitsi-meet was amazingly simple (thanks to the Jitsi team).

I gave the Debian Jitsi VM 12 virtual CPUs and 24 GB of RAM, expecting that it would require this, but was later amazed how little CPU power and RAM the Jitsi server required. I had decided to run the Debian Jitsi server VM image on SSD storage for better performance, this might not be required?

I don’t know enough people to give the Jitsi server a real load test so over the weekend I had all my family help out and set up every spare PC I could find, in the end I managed to set up 12 computers running a Jitsi session (mostly in Firefox). Six computers had video cameras, and six did not. Being run from inside our house, the network traffic was not going through the Internet, so I check out the VM’s network traffic to gauge the network bandwidth being used by the 12 Jitsi sessions.

The CPU usage of the Jitsi server VM was only 4%, the memory usage was 1.8GB, and the network IO was 276KB/s in, and 2.2MB/s out. The attached screenshot is from Virt-Manager, and shows the load of the 12 sessions. Please ask me questions about this test installation, if you want.