Server requirement for 100 users


I have a startup and I have been using JITSI for videoconference on a game i am playing for like 3 months now using meetsi api. This far my platform had no big demmand for videoconference so i didn’t make my own server, but I just got a demmand for 3500 users using my platform for 6 hours on a big event on the end of the year…I feel i have to make my own server.

What i provide is a game on the url ( ). The game allows for up to 100 people in the same room. For each room I already plan to have a t2.large server for the game alone. Thing is each player can start a conversation by chat and videoconference with each other. And may make a conference of more than 2. I already read on forums that the limit is for 75 users on a room and i think it is more than enough for me.

Question is: considering i will have 100 people on a room and considering worse case scenario where 75 of them talk in a single room or that each person talk to anotther person (50 rooms with 2 people). That case what server should i have running on amazon to accomodate jitsi in a way this users have a good experience. I have no problem reducing the videoconference quality.