Server locked at 5 frames per second for all users

I’m running my own server and have it all setup perfect with SSL, a domain, etc, but when sharing any video stream each user is locked at 5 FPS.

I have updated min/max framerate in /usr/share/jitsi-meet-web-config/config.js and /etc/jitsi/meet/mydomain-config.js and all users are still locked at 5 FPS.

Any idea what I’m missing here?

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Anyone? Any idea here? Completely stuck

If you think that the Jitsi wizards will look at your predicament with interest and try to help you while having an amount of technical information not significantly different of zero about your problem, you are kidding yourself, they have way to much to do…

However, while I am a beginner myself, I’m interested in this kind of problem. I’m currently struggling with debug output of Jitsi. However, I am currently unable to get much information because I can’t move much (guess why) and to test with different setups.
If you are willing to make the effort to gather technical information about your setup and debug info while your problem occurs and post the result here (there is no personal info in it) I’ll take a look at it, take information out of it that may be of interest to me, and in exchange give you what I think about the debug output.
It can help to solve your problem or not. Absolutely no warranty.

Have a look on my post it may help you at 11/22

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately these suggestions didn’t help with the issue but I did find the reason why. The only video streams that are locked at 5fps are when sharing an application, desktop, or tab from a browser. Webcams and sharing a youtube video work perfectly. The current workaround I have in place is to run OBS and a virtual webcam to pipe clear video into Jitsi but am still curious what is causing the terrible video quality of sharing in the manner described.