Server location depency on quality

I am from Bangladesh, Asia region and we have tried using some local servers to host jitsi-meet frontend and video bridges but performance was so poor (low ping but keep stopping suddenly) that we had to shift. Our present servers are located in North America which is good for now but ping/delay is really high. when we inspected zoom we found that they have servers in America and India but performance was not so differentiable in meetings. Here, is this a good decission to have server in north america for jitsi though our main target client is from Asia/Bangladesh or we must find out servers within asia for better performance??
and how much the performance can vary or differ??
I have little knowledge about hosting services so please dont be mad if this is silly and Thanks in advance :heartbeat:

I think one clue is to look at your RTT when you’re running a meeting. That’s usually a good index of how much travel time exists between client and server. Higher RTT leads to higher latency, which means less favorable performance.

As the server is in america… RTT is quite high i think… But will changing the server location to asia have significant impact?

Well, the shorter the RTT, the better the performance (all things being equal). There are other factors that will play a role - quality of infrastructure, network congestion e.t.c… Also, having a CDN could help alleviate the performance hit that high RTTs may have. In summary, there are a myriad of factors that could help/hurt and RTT is one of them.

If the hosting companies are different then this may mislead you. Check (for example) with AWS servers from the different regions