Server jitsi behind NAT and nginx proxy

Good afternoon.
Installed jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04
The server is behind NAT.
I read the installation documentation and it says that it is necessary to forward ports.
I don’t want to forward port 443.
The router is centos and it also has nginx

  1. You can refuse DNAT and implement it on the nginx proxy, if so, please give me an article or a working config or what to read to do this
  2. In time for the dough, I forwarded all ports as described in the documentation. We started testing and not all the guests were heard, we connected from different places from different devices: an iPhone Samsung, two different PCs and the connection was only between phones. Before that, there was only communication between PCs. I did forwarding the address pool, but to no avail! Certificates all checked all well!
    I did everything according to the documents on the site!