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I’m trying to evaluate if Jitsi will be a good solution to our project, but I can’t seem to find any documentation or discussion on the topic I need.

I just found information about the Jitsi Client API, that is used by the web app cliente to create meetings.

We wanted to be able to create the meetings urls from our own application server, using a server to server API, and our application server would send the users only the URLs of the meeting room to access (we don’t want users to create the rooms, we want to create the rooms for them)

Is that possible to do with Jitsi without the need of big customizations?



There is no such thing as create the meetings urls from our own application server, using a server to server API. You just create your unique link and use it. There are no such thing as creating a meeting, reserving room or something. If you use a link the name from the link is the name of the room and the first to join creates the room, the last to leave and the room is destroyed.

I did a lot of search and did not found jitsi meet documentation anywhere too. i am wondering how an awesome video conferencing project can have so less documentation

What you probably looking for (like me ) is to set a jitsi meet server on your own webserve and then use lib-jitsi-meet( A low-level JS video API that allows adding a completely custom video experience to web apps.)
Because you may be wanting to integrate the functionality of Jitsi in you Web App as a service under your app’s name write?

Authentication or Authorization of certain users in you app can be implemented as a middleware between the user and the routes to jitsi link creation form. Thats hw i am going to add jitsi functionality.
IF you want to go the hard way. The whole webRTC framework is out there. good going.!
Edit: Actually the docs are on github in /doc/ folder of every repository by jitsi
what you might be looking for is docs of :
Jitsi Meet External Api and Jitsi Meet Api for custom GUI

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As I understood @damencho 's comment, I can just make up any room link I want and send this link to people, and they will be able to access it. It makes sense and it might solve things. I’ll try that.