Serve different frontends via NGINX directive - possible?


first of all I want to thank everyone involved in this great piece of software.

I have a question that I didn’t find in the forum - apologies if this got answered before - is it possible to serve different versions of the frontend via NGINX directives?

Let’s say I have a JVB installed on the same server as the webserver. I want to continue serving the regular Jitsi installation under, the static files reside in /usr/share/jitsi-meet.
Now I clone the jitsi-meet from GitHub to /var/www/jitsi-meet/. Changing the root of the NGINX config correctly serves the new frontend.

Is it possible to have this version from Git served at, let’s say I am not sure about the best way to achieve this and which directives I would have to rewrite. Do I open a new location block for /develop and put everything, including stuff like /http-bind in there? A few first tries did not succeed and many requests simply got caught by the room name regex location block.

I understand if this request sounds a bit vague and I am happy to provide more information if necessary. Thanks in advance!