Seperation of camera and screen sharing permissions with av_moderation

Hi team,

Currently, camera and screen sharing permissions of the participants are managed together with av_moderation in prosody.

Do you have any plans to separate it in the future on the roadmap?

What do you mean by separating them?
The av_modration part is the server-side logic. To be able to have proper permissions you need a serverside logic with some extra checks which communicate with jicofo.

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 00.14.13

There are 2 buttons as shown in the attachment to manage audio, video and screen sharing in moderated jitsi.When you click ‘Start their video’ button, the participants can not open camera and can not start screen sharing.
The separation I meant was related to this button. Maybe there is a third button like ‘Start screen sharing’ to manage screen sharing permission independently from camera.

I see, nope there is no such feature at the moment and there are no plans for adding that at the moment.

Ok @damencho, thanks for quick response.