Seperate view/style can be configured for Moderator and participants?

The jitsi moderator and participants have the same configuration file to set up. Thus if I disable notification for participants, then it is also affecting to the moderator. So, my doubt is, is there is any way to configure views separately for moderator and participants?


You can create different URLs with URL overrides for each. Would that solve the problem for you?

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@saghul . Thanks it is helpful. Any other ideas that I can follow through coding/editing files?

That would require you keeping up a fork of the frontend, is that really something you want?

@saghul , Url overriding is enough for now. Thanks

But in future, it should be very nice, if the moderator and participants view can be configured in config.js seperately

eg : tile view for moderator, no tile view for participant.
notifications on moderator side, No notification for participants side
filmstrip on moderator side, No film strip in participants side … like that :no_mouth:

maybe a foolish idea. just suggested. Thanks buddy for the follow up

I think this could be achievable on your side if you use different URLs that point to the same deployment and have separate config.js files that point to the same deployment.

This is not something we are planning to integrate.

@saghul , How it can be achieved?, you have any doc related to that ? or any keywords, that I can study more about it.

can we give a separate link for the moderator and participants for the single(same) room? rather than setting a secure domain?

means in url can we set something like moderator=true …like?