Separate Window for each participant

Hello community. I have a fresh install of Jitsi meet running on Ubuntu. It has been easy to configure so far. Like many I am looking to use Jitsi to include guests into an OBS stream.

I have been able to add the Jitsi meeting URL as a browser source and it works great. With all the available configs with Jitsi I am wondering if anyone knows if the following in possible and how I would do it.

I’d like each of my participants (probably 3 participants total) to each be shown in their own browser window.

If that is possible using URL parameters…that would be ideal. I would like to do this so that I can have each guest as a separate source in OBS.

To simplify what I am looking for…is it possible to have each participant with their own URL?

Something like:

Would ONLY display participant1

Thanks so much for any suggestions on how to accomplish this.