Separate UIs for moderator and guest

Hi there,

I’ve configured Jitsi/Prosody in order to have password authentication for the moderator and no authentication at all for the guests.

Now what I want to have is a separate UI for both participant groups: one UI with standard functionality for the moderators and another altered UI for the guest. Would that be possible?

I thought of the following possibilities:

  • Two different JS-API frontends - but I don’t wanto to mess with JavaScript. Also if the guest is tech-savvy he could change the JS.
  • Having two separate document roots or Jitsi frontends (maybe two instances of Jitsi running on one server, which both use the same video bridge). Would that be possible?

Before I start to experiment I wanted to ask you guys if there’s any sophisticated solution to what I’m trying to do. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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I have done it and also posted solution here Few times, just search in this forum.
Hint is to use Iframe API and control their interface using your logic

it’s possible using a second subdomain with a cloned document root too. No need a second instance, only Nginx site config